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Have you ever imagined a piece of clothing before looking for if it actually exists? 
Just that idea alone is the energy that formed the ideals behind us at The Concept Club.
A Small team of 20 somethings with influences from London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, LA, Tokyo and Singapore doing all we can to create really cool clothing pieces, brought to life by a spark but a place in your wardrobe for years.

If you would like to connect with us whether it be to collaborate on a piece, wholesale inquiries or to invite us to your event, please E-mail us at

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For General inquiries please e-mail us at

Sizing Charts



Nike Jersey Sizes

Small-     Chest: 46cm       Length:74cm

Medium- Chest: 50cm       Length:74cm

Large-     Chest: 55.5cm       Length:75cm

XLarge-   Chest: 60cm       Length:77cm

XXLarge- Chest: 66cm       Length:77cm

Adidas Jersey Sizes

Small-     Chest: 46cm       Length:71cm

Medium- Chest: 51cm       Length:67cm

Large-     Chest: 56cm       Length:74cm

XLarge-   Chest: 62cm       Length:74cm

XXLarge- Chest: 67cm       Length:74cm